My Story – Allan Greenberg


I didn’t grow up poor, depressed or malnourished. Definitely not malnourished. I grew up in Elmont, Long Island, the youngest of three boys. The baby. My home was loving, loud and laughter-filled. My dad was very funny and my mom was a terrific laugher—a great combination.

One thing I discovered early on is that funny begets funny. My extended family and my parents’ friends were either funny, or funny wannabes. Of course, there were plenty of serious moments, but the funny ones were more memorable and impressionable.

I saw, first hand, what it was like to get people to laugh so hard that they came dangerously close to literally “busting a gut.” (Uncle Max broke his wrist falling off a chair.) I saw what it was like to be the center-of-attention and I fell in love with the idea that I could someday be that person.

To that end, I performed on stage in high school and college; I was the starting goalie on my high school and college lacrosse teams; and I worked as an advertising writer for many years. All were wonderful experiences, but none compare to the most amazing feeling—being cast in a film, play, TV show, commercial, print or voiceover. Other than partaking in a creamy, soft-serve vanilla cone, with my wife, on a hot summer day, there’s nothing better.